Are you looking to sell your house fast, but don’t know where to start?

According to Zillow, in 2018, the average amount of time that a house spent on the market, from listing to closing, was between 65 and 93 days. Besides, once an offer is accepted, most real estate transactions typically include a 30 to a 45-day closing process.

If the sale of your own home were to follow the current norms and averages, you might expect the entire selling process to take somewhere between 3.5 and 5 months, at a minimum, from start to finish.

For some, the average timeline for selling a home in today’s housing market is simply too long. Modern-day homeowners who are looking to sell want a process that’s fast and uncomplicated.

That’s why many of today’s sellers are choosing to sell their home to an i-buyer.

Selling to an i-buyer offers a wide range of advantages, including a simple sales process and competitive pricing. And, unlike most of the alternatives, selling to i-buyer promises a quick and easy sale.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, an i-buyer could be your best option. Read on for tips that can help to simplify the process of selling your home!

Sell Your House Fast to an I-Buyer!

When it comes to real estate, once the decision to sell is made, most individual sellers would prefer the process to be as seamless as possible. It would probably suit most sellers just fine if they were to receive an offer for their home on the very day that it’s listed.

Unfortunately, however, in the real world of real estate, this rarely happens. And, even when (or if) it does, the process is far from over when you take into consideration the closing period that’s likely to follow.

But, with an i-buyer, you can often get a cash offer for your home instantly. And, thanks to the advanced real estate technology available today, i-buyers may not even need to see your house before determining the price they are willing to pay you for it.

What’s an I-Buyer?

By now, you’ve probably run across one of those “cash for houses” signs or advertisements. If you’re like many people, you might have been skeptical the first time you heard of buyers who are willing to pay cash for “ugly homes” or “homes in any condition”. But, not all of these ads are a fluke.

Trusted real estate technology makes it possible for credible investors to determine your home’s actual value simply by entering information into a program. Today’s software is so accurate, that these estimates are extraordinarily trustworthy. Modern-day investors regularly rely on this method for buying and selling properties.

The term “i-buyer” refers to an investor or buyer who participates in online real estate transactions. With our ever-increasing reliance on the web, this method of buying and selling properties is becoming more and more popular among both buyers and sellers.

4 Tips for a Simple Sale

If you’re thinking about selling your home to an i-buyer, these 9 tips can help to make the process super-simple.

1. Compare Your Options

Just because you want to sell your home fast doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. And, instead of driving around looking for investors’ signs to access multiple offers for your home, there’s a (much) easier way to compare i-buyers’ offers.

ExitNest is a website that connects sellers with a network of i-buyers who are ready to make a deal for homes just like yours. Sellers can compare offers side-by-side and choose the best deal out of the bunch.

While there are lots of i-buyers out there, not all of them will be interested in buying your home. With ExitNest, buyers can search for homes that meet their criteria. This helps to ensure that neither buyers or sellers waste their time on deals that will never match their property requirements or criteria.

2. Sell Your Home on Your Terms

When selling a house on the housing market, sellers are often forced to succumb to the buyers’ demands and wishes, even if they don’t coincide with their own. You might have to move out before you’re ready to accommodate the buyer. Or, you could face major moving expenses that weren’t part of the deal.

But, not with ExitNest. ExitNest allows sellers to choose what matters most to them. So, you decide on the budget, schedule, and other variables, that work best for you. Then, get offers from buyers who are willing to comply with your terms.

3. Work With Reputable Buyers

The last thing you want to do is to get caught up in a shady real estate scheme that never materializes or ends up costing you more time and money in the long run. When deciding who you will work with on the sale of your home, it’s essential that you only deal with trusted, reputable i-buyers.

Luckily, the ExitNest network places an entire community of trustworthy, experienced i-buyers right at your fingertips!

4. Avoid Wasting Time on Unnecessary Repairs & Maintenance

Before listing their homes on the market, sellers will often spend months performing repairs and maintenance, hoping this will attract more offers from buyers. But, this can end in disappointment when they learn that potential buyers don’t value their investment as much as they’d hoped.

Sometimes, buyers may decide to gut the room that you just spent thousands to remodel. They might prefer bold and brightly-colored walls after you’ve taken time to paint the rooms in neutral shades. That brand new deck you’ve added might be bulldozed for a mother-in-law suite instead.

What’s worse, is that the expensive updates that you thought would increase your home’s selling price are now completely worthless.

When you work with an i-buyer network, you can skip the unnecessary maintenance and receive fair offers on your home in its’ current condition.

I-buyers are used to purchasing properties as-is. And, they often plan to implement their ideas once the sale is made, eliminating the pressure to perform pre-sale repairs.

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