About Us

Empowering homeowners to increase the size of their nest egg

Exitnest is the world’s first cash buyer and investor search engine. If you are looking to sell your house, we provide dozens of options with an easy-to-read side by side comparison site feature.

Exitnest.com wants to get you the most cash for your house so you can start the next chapter of your life with comfort and confidence.

We don’t buy houses, but we know who does! 

Our mission is to help you make the best decision when it comes to finding a trusted buyer for your home while getting the money you deserve. Through ExitNest, our extensive experience as Real Estate Investors and Cash Buyers is now made available at no cost to you!

The ExitNest system pulls back the curtain to foster an open environment ideal for a
seamless, successful win-win-win transaction so you can stay in control
of the selling process and get the best deal possible.

Your needs and your timeline

Time, moving expenses, privacy, post-possession agreements, etc. all
play a part in deciding how, when, and who you decide can purchase
your house. You tell us what’s most important to you, and we’ll find the
best buyer to fit your specific needs, schedule, and budget.

When Cash Buyer’s Compete, Homeowners Win!

Leadership Team

Dave Mclennan 


Former We Buy Ugly Houses Franchise owner and visionary, Dave is a born entrepreneur who has a passion for Real Estate and loves the challenge of solving problems. He saw a need in the market and created ExitNest as the solution. 

Kerri Mclennan

CFO/ Co Founder

Kerri has over 14 years experience creating, owning, operating multiple businesses, as well as providing consultation services to others starting new businesses. Passionate about her family, philanthropy, real estate, travel and all things business.

Jason Moss

COO/Co Founder

Real Estate Investor,  Broker and Appraiser, Jason Moss has been in real estate for 19 years. In his career thus far, he has been a principal investor having invested over 10 million dollars in real estate projects, in addition to 13,000 real estate appraisals.


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