“It appears the NAR and Realtors ®  no longer care or are sympathetic to the needs of this type of consumer and wish to cull them from their list of perspective clients.”

November 21, 2019

Written by Exit Nest

San Francisco – On Monday Nov. 11th 2019 The National Association of Realtors® board of directors passed what had been considered to be a controversial change in policy that is designed to prevent Consumers from utilizing a real estate service known as pocket listings.

 In an alarming vote of the NAR’s 800 member board the policy to ban this service won by 729-70 in favor or implementing the Clear Cooperation Policy.  This new policy requires listing brokers to post listings on MLS within one business day of  marketing the property to the public. This would include something as simple as a social media post.

Those numbers make it seem that this isn’t a controversial topic at all and that the NAR doesn’t believe this is a product that consumers want.  So what happens to the home Seller that would prefer this service?  They will run by the 1000’s and 10,000’s to ibuyers and cash home buyers that are gaining substantial traction in the marketplace.

Below is a list of reasons why consumers will be driven away from Realtors ® and start joining what we like to call the #ibuyerrevolution!

  1. Privacy and discretion – we’ve met several home sellers that did not want a sign in their yard or their house on the MLS for many different personal reasons.
  2. They don’t want anyone in their business.
  3. Wealth, they don’t want just anyone coming into their house or mansion due to valuables and artwork that draw looky-loos, they rely on their Realtor ® to vet who will enter and show the house.
  4. They don’t want 100 photos of their valuables advertised all over the internet for thief’s to case and assess from 100’s of websites.
  5. Sickness or illness can often create a life changing event where a home sale is inevitable, but being marketed publicly is not an option. 
  6. Embarrassment – the seller might be embarrassed or ashamed by their situation, for sale signs get the neighborhood talking…that’s why Realtors ® use them.
  7. Explaining – Now you have to share your story of why you want to move…to everyone…the neighbors, potential buyers, agents, ugh! Sometimes you just want to move.

 These are all reasons to utilize an ibuyer or Cash Buyer for your home, not only are they used to dealing with these situations, but they don’t even care or ask about it. In addition you get certainty knowing exactly how much money you will get on exactly what date. 

There are now dozens of ibuyers and 1000’s of Cash Home Buyers, so how do you pick which one?  www.Exitnest.com is a search engine that gives you an easy to read side by side comparison of dozens of cash home buyers.  It’s like Expedia or Kayak, but instead of  airlines or hotels we showcase cash home buyers.  Exitnest.com; When Cash Home Buyers compete – Homeowners win!

Source: Inman

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