For a little more than a year, iBuyers have been making online deals at Houston homes. In this article we discuss:

Houston Homesellers: How’s Their Reception to iBuyers?

iBuyers are making waves in a bid for home sellers to be willing to sell their home for a price a little lower than the original.

Almost half of Houston homesellers know all about the iBuyer services, and most are interested to see how much they would get as an offer on their homes.

The fees of an IBuyer tend to be a little bit higher compared to a conventional real estate agent, but then, they help homesellers save money from extended loan payments while waiting to sell the house.

Imagine selling your home instantly without the need to clean, repair, stage, or hold open houses… Or find a real estate agent!


So does the iBuyer concept spell a win-win Houston homesellers? Apparently not for some,

A number of the survey respondents who declined an offer from iBuyers find that the price offered on their home was way too low, while some have doubts about the iBuyer’s legitimacy.

Others who tried to get an offer discovered that their home is not the type the iBuyer’s buy.

iBuyers are inclined to buy newer houses close to the median price in the market.

In addition to the cost of improving their technology, iBuyers have to pay for carrying expenses on the homes they buy. As a result, most claim they have very thin margins and their financial gain depends on economies of scale.


A report from HAR came into the conclusion that iBuyers certainly have the Houston homesellers’ attention.

“The stress associated with prepping a home for the move, while relatively significant, seems to be less of a motivator for interest in iBuyers than simply shopping for a better price.”


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