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Have questions?What will cash buyers pay for my house?


What We Do

Connect homeowners with the Right Cash Buyer for Them

Which cash buyer will pay the most? Who will close the fastest? ExitNest will do the searching for you, with one easy submission. Our side by side comparison will make it easy to evaluate the different offers. 

“It kinda like Expedia, but for selling your house.” Jason –


How are we different?

We do not try to buy your home, for the least amount possible, we help you find the right buyer that fits you situation. Basically, we are different because we are here to help you.

“There is no conflict of interest, we are here to help you make the most money, or find the right fit.” Jarrod –


Why use ExitNest?

Our side by side comparison is an easy way to view, at a glance, what the details of all the different offers are.

“Without ExitNest, It can be really confusion trying to figure out all the nuances of the different offers. The side by side makes it clear and easy to understand” Kerri – 


What does it cost?

There are no upfront fees

” I paid 6% in real estate commissions on my last house, ExitNest had a 1% fee, and the buyer paid for it. Awesome”  Jackie –


“Real estate selling costs are out of proportion with  the convenience technology now provides. It is time for a streamlined low cost solution. ” Jason-

“The world is finally ready for the seamless real estate transaction.”

— Spencer Rascoff, cofounder of Zillow

Press Release


ExitNest Offers Innovative Approach to iBuying

ExitNest offers an exciting new approach to selling your home. Our founders have over a decade of experience in real estate as brokers, appraisers, investors, and business owners. We know how difficult it can be to find a trusted buyer for your home while getting the money you deserve. ExitNest makes that process easier by providing the world’s first cash home buyer search engine.

Now you can search for flights with Expedia, and for cash home buyers with ExitNest.

Embracing the positives of the iBuyer revolution, ExitNest uses technology to make the real estate transaction seamless, but unlike other iBuyer platforms, we are not trying to buy your home. We charge no upfront fees and only a 1% fee to cash buyers. If you’re selling your home, it’s completely free; ExitNest is purely here to help.

Our experienced professionals are connected to a network of qualified investors. As you go through the ExitNest process, we raise your awareness of the pitfalls of working with certain investors. Fake “investors” take advantage of home sellers without inside knowledge. They sell your home to other investors without your consent. They use custom contracts designed to sway you into making the decisions that are best for them — not for you. With ExitNest, you don’t have to make these important life choices alone. You don’t have to struggle to choose a buyer you can trust.

Submit information about your home, and ExitNest will present your home to our network of qualified buyers, with just a few clicks. Get dozens of offers on your home with the press of a button. Use our side by side comparison feature to easily view offer details. Simply accept the best offer and get paid.

We believe in the power of this search engine and are looking forward!


ExitNest Founders. 

Dave Mclennan – Founder & CEO

Former We Buy Ugly Houses Franchise owner and visionary.  Dave is a born entrepreneur who has a passion for Real Estate and loves the challenge of solving problems. He saw a need in the market and created ExitNest as the solution. 

Kerri Mclennan – CoFounder & Chief of Staff

Kerri has over 13 years experience creating, owning, operating multiple businesses, as well as providing consultation services to others starting new businesses. Passionate about my family,philanthropy, real estate, travel and all things business. 

Jason Moss – CoFounder & Chief Operations Officer

Real Estate Broker, Appraiser

Jason Moss has been in real estate for 17
years. In his career thus far, he has been
a principal investor having invested over
10 million dollars in real estate projects;
in addition to 13,000 real estate

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