Dave of ExitNest enumerates the Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home To Opendoor. Started in 2014, Opendoor co-founder and CEO Eric Wu wanted to make home buying and selling simple and in less than five years, it has grown to serve over 50,000 customers across 20 markets.

Recognized as the most innovative company in real estate by Inman  


Opendoor’s mission is to enable everyone with the freedom to move whether getting married, starting a family, or taking a new job.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home To Opendoor:

  1. Get A Competitive Offer

 They take the risk of holding the costs of owning your home so you just grab the certainty of a competitive offer and move on forward.


  1. Pick The Close and Move Out Date

Anyone with experience in selling their home in the past knows the inconvenience of having to adjust to whenever the closing date will be and have just learned to deal with it. Opendoor offers the convenience of picking your closing date and therefore, the comfort of knowing when to expect things so you can plan things around it.


  1. No Showings

As they say: “a missed showing is a missed opportunity to sell your house”. But do you really have to put your life on hold to make way for a showing? With Opendoor, you can sell your home without going through the downsides of showing your home.


  1. They Buy As Is, Where Is

Putting your home on the market means you’ll invest in repairs to get your home in a “show ready” level for open houses and showings while hoping deep inside that you can forgo the painful expenses that can arise during buyer home inspection… Opendoor can save you from that.


  1. Sell Your Home Online

Remember when online shopping first came around? You just open your browser anytime, wearing your favorite house clothes outfit and buy what you need in just a click, super convenient right? Now imagine the same in selling your home– **TOTAL BLISS**


Do you know you can get multiple offers on your home, no strings attached and with just a click of a button?

We, at ExitNest can help you determine and find the best home cash-buyer that fits your needs. We provide FREE side-by-side comparison on different iBuyers, visit www.exitnest.com




Founder/CEO of Exitnest, INC.

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