The other day I heard someone talking about the Chinese Bamboo tree, how it took 4 years to germinate and had to be cared for that whole time. Then in the 5th year, once it has germinated it grows incredibly fast.

I had the thought, “That feels so much like founding a startup and would make a great article”…

Upon googling to do more research I realized I was right: It would make a great article! 20 other people had the same thought and wrote pretty good articles on it…. They ranged from talking about personal development to starting a business.

They were all about the ability to have faith in your personal and business growth – real feel-good articles

It is such a great anomaly in nature to use for an analogy and then tying it together with “Faith”, well it works. However, who in our day and age really has the “Faith” to care for something without seeing any results? I mean, no visual results, none, nilch, nada…

That walnut-sized seed just chills out under the ground.

Yes, it’s growing a fantastic root system but there is no visual evidence for the person caring for it. So, the caregiver makes sure its environment is just right for 5 years all the while knowing that there is a chance they may do something wrong in its care and it won’t ever germinate.

Who would do that?!?

The concept of having to work hard and care for something for such a long time without seeing any results at all is so foreign in our society. We are in an age of instant gratification. With a few clicks on the keyboard and mouse, we have access to pretty much anything we want.

Even here at Exitnest, we have created a tech platform to provide a service to this society that gives them instant access to what cash buyers and i-buyers would offer on their homes.

So, who would do this? Who would do it and why would they do that?

Those are the two questions that keep going through my mind. The “who” seemed complicated at first but is really so simple… Weirdos, only a weirdo would work at something for such a long time without seeing any results, am I right?

Sure, I can come up with a nicer term for this type of person: faithful, visionary, persistent, but in the end and from the “regular” perspective, this person would be deemed as a crazy weirdo. The “why” has a little more going on, a little more than the other articles I read.

Why do these weirdos keep fertilizing and watering without any known outcome?

1. Faith.

To state the obvious. They have faith that what they are working on will grow.

2. Hope.

Sometimes they don’t even have to have complete trust that it will happen just having hope, the expectation and desire are enough.

3. Vision.

Without vision, you can have no hope. It takes vision and the ability to see what could be to keep doing what needs to be done

4. Passion.

Passion not just your willy-nilly short term exciting passion but the deep kind that makes you believe in a cause.

5. Purpose.

Feeling like you’re working towards a purpose is pretty powerful. The belief that what we are doing matters, I believe is something we all can understand.

“At its core, the idea of purpose is the idea that what we do matters to people other than ourselves.” ― Angela Duckworth, Grit

Behind the scene, on all of these quick and easy tools and platforms that our society has access to are the weirdos that believed in these “whys“.

The weirdos that change the world had faith and hope in their vision and the purpose to keep their passion alive.

Weirdos change the world, my friends and I’ll happily claim the title!!


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